We want every girl to have a chance to get an education!

The U.N. has declared October 11th to be the annual International Day of the Girl Child!! You can get involved in leading the United States and your community to its own Day of the Girl and building the movement for gender equality. Be sure to celebrate this October for girls everywhere! Find out more at www.DayoftheGirl.org

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We are lucky to be in school unlike millions of girls around the world. Join the next generation of leaders to stop this human rights catastrophe!

“Imagine you are a 12-year-old girl. Every day you gather water and firewood, cook and clean. You have no education because there isn’t the money to pay for it and because you are a girl.

All your brothers went to school, but since you are a girl, you aren’t allowed to go. In another year or two, you probably will be married to a much older man. That’s what millions of girls go through every single day!”
~ Celine


we are changing the lives of individual girls. School Girls Unite provides scholarships for 64 girls in Mali.

“The girls we sponsor are very proud of us because they see us as big sisters who are educated!” ~ Jeanne

Cost: $70/year in Mali vs. $70/day in the U.S. for an elementary student.


we are trying to change the lives of girls worldwide. We demand our leaders keep their promises to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals of gender equality and education for all.

“Getting political leaders involved in this global issue is a great glimmer of hope for our generation to care and believe that we are capable of tackling such a large problem.”
~ Shayna

Help 60 million girls get a basic education.

Help 600 million older girls go to secondary school.

Educating Girls = Smarter, Healthier, Fairer + More Peaceful World!

UNITE with US!

“Long live School Girls and Filles Unies. Thanks to this scholarship program, the girls are dressed like their schoolmates, they are not fearful anymore, they are very alert and happy; they are among the top five students in their class.”
~ Fall Bagayoko, Principal, N’Tjilla School, Mali

“I think School Girls Unite students are very persuasive. The last increase of $200 million for international assistance [Education For All] was due to your efforts. Thank you for what you’ve done and what you continue to do.”
~ U.S. Congressman Chris Van Hollen