Photo of School Girls Unite scholarship students smiling in front of a chalkboard.

Mali Girls Scholarship Program News

Fatoumata Coulibaly, the president of our sister organization, says “Even though the conflict in Mali is extremely tense, there is a little hope and good news.” During her recent trip to the villages, parents express their eagerness for their daughters to go to school.  Many of the girls who receive our scholarships confirm this attitude. Djéneba Doumbia reports:

My grandfather and my father encouraged me a lot to continue my studies.”

Even mothers, who need their daughters to help at home, tell Les Filles Unies how proud they are that their girls can read and write. What’s really promising is that many of the scholars interviewed recently by Les Filles Unies say they feel more respected. Kadia Coulibaly, who just completed 6th grade, claims:

At my school, now the girls and boys are treated the same way, and in fact in my class the girls are doing better than the boys.” Continue reading “Mali Girls Scholarship Program News”

Art Contest to Promote Gender Equality in Education

At Burleigh Manor Middle School, students in the Global Equality Now! club hosted an art contest to promote gender equality in education. Six students entered the contest and it was very hard to choose who would win. Emilie, an eighth grader, won the art contest with a drawing depicting Malala, the peace dove, books, and gender equality using crayons! Emilie was awarded a $20 gift card to a well-known coffee chain for her winning picture. Continue reading “Art Contest to Promote Gender Equality in Education”

Photo of middle school members of School Girls Unite writing letters.

How to Make Your Letter to Lawmakers Stand Out!

Eighth grader Julia M. led an action-based workshop at the School Girls Unite Howard County Summit in Maryland that attracted nearly 100 middle and high school SGU students. Based on her prior experience lobbying Congress, Julia maps out the reasons to write your Members of Congress and tips on how to make your letter make an impact! Continue reading “How to Make Your Letter to Lawmakers Stand Out!”

Thoughts from the Women’s March – Part 2

By Julia –

Before the march, I had trouble finding hope – I want to pursue a profession in family planning, and I care deeply for women’s rights internationally. Unfortunately, these fields have never been in a worse position. But through all of my frustrations, motivation and hope have been born. I am optimistic for our nation because of the sheer number of people that I now know will not stand for the mistreatment of women in this country, or the mistreatment of women anywhere. We are Trump’s bosses now. Continue reading “Thoughts from the Women’s March – Part 2”

Thoughts from the Women’s March – Part 1

By Misbah –

The inauguration of Donald Trump and his subsequent executive orders have sparked a movement among Americans of all backgrounds like no other. From the powerful Women’s March to the countless number of people who have been calling and writing letters to their representatives, activism is at a peak in American society. We must ensure that we keep the ball rolling and continue to advocate for our rights, even after the Trump presidency. Continue reading “Thoughts from the Women’s March – Part 1”

Hello from School Girls Unite

2016 Year-End Update

We are so proud of School Girls Unite and our 12-year-strong commitment to spreading education across the globe. Not only has our Mali Girls Scholarship Program provided over 600 combined years of education — over the years, more than 600 students in our School Girls Unite chapters in the U.S. have sustained our program. Each year, our chapter members celebrate traditions like the International Day of the Girl, as well as organize innovative activities to raise awareness about the obstacles girls face around the world in getting to school. Continue reading “2016 Year-End Update”