Current SGU Scholarship Students

Awa Diarra is another SGU scholarship student who graduated after completing lower secondary school and passing the 9me exams! Reaching this level of education is very rare for girls in rural Mali. We are waiting to hear how Awa is doing at the lycée. 

For the 2018-2019 school year, SGU is covering the cost of tuition, school supplies, books and mentoring for the following 20 students. Each of these girls has received a scholarship continuously since she started 1st grade. None of them expected to go to school at all because of extreme poverty. As you can see from this roster, half the girls are repeating the same grade. The reasons are numerous and frequent absences cause them to fall behind and they have to «redouble». More background information is included in our latest Annual Report. This volunteer-run program with our sister organization in Mali still means it only costs $75 to send one of these girls to school in Mali for an entire year. Donations and tax-deductible contributions make all the difference in SGU continuing this 14-year-old scholarship program! 

Ecole de Warala

1. Kimissa Diarra 9ème année 
2. Sira Diarra 9ème année redouble

Ecole de N’Tjilla

3. Bah Coulibaly 9èmeannée 
4. Fanta M Diarra 9ème année redouble
5. Soundiè Coulibaly 8ème année redouble

Ecole de l’Ouolodo

6. Maïmouna Coulibaly 9ème année 
7. Aminata F Diarra 9ème année

8. Kadia Diarra

9me année redouble

9. Farima Diarra

9me année redouble

10. Alima D Diarra

9ème année 

11. Djanéké Diarra

9ème année 
12. Djéneba Diarra

8me Année 

13. Sadio Diarra

8me Année redouble

14. Gouanzé Traoré

8me Année 

15. Diansoin Diarra

8me Année redouble

  ? Maimouna Traoré

Temporarily out of school: cause unknown 8me Année 

16. Djénéba Doumbia

8me Année

17. Alima Diarra

8ème Année 

18. Djeneba Zan Diarra

7ème Année 

19. Kadia Coulibaly

7ème Année redouble

20. Sékoura Coulibaly

7ème Année redouble


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