Art Contest to Promote Gender Equality in Education

At Burleigh Manor Middle School, students in the Global Equality Now! club hosted an art contest to promote gender equality in education. Six students entered the contest and it was very hard to choose who would win. Emilie, an eighth grader, won the art contest with a drawing depicting Malala, the peace dove, books, and gender equality using crayons! Emilie was awarded a $20 gift card to a well-known coffee chain for her winning picture.

Drawing by Emilie, of Malala, books, school supplies, and a dove
Emilie’s winning art

Winning Artist’s Statement – Emilie

When I was in sixth grade, I read I Am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai, herself. She had risked her life and experienced many hardships simply to advocate for girl’s education. With her ardent passion for advocating for girl’s education, she had inspired me greatly causing me to draw her in my drawing. I believe in gender equality which means that girls, world-wide, should have access to education and I am willing to help advocate for them through my drawing.

Check out other amazing entries below!

A drawing by Rebecca, of students in a classroom, with the words
Rebecca’s entry
A drawing by Rachel, of four girls studying happily, and the words
Rachael’s entry
A drawing by Kelly of a girl walking to school under the sun
Kelly’s entry
A drawing by Melissa, of the shilouette of a girl filled in with a tree and sunset and flower, with the words
Melissa’s entry

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