Action Guide

Girls Gone Activist!
Les Filles Deviennent des Activistes!

Our bold, beautiful, bilingual handbook

describes how to become a global activist and give girls around the world the same chances we have!

President Obama’s speech in Cairo stated “A woman who is denied education is denied equality.” Since starting School Girls Unite at the age of 12, we’ve been speaking out against this human rights catastrophe. Now we’ve written this action guide that is guaranteed to inspire everyone to join the movement. It is full of interesting stories plus all sorts of activities and advocacy strategies that anyone can use.

“This treasure of encouragement and strategies
can serve as a handbook for any youth-led cause.”



  1. It’s written by youth for youth. We know our audience the best.
  2. We wrote a BOOK in less than three months.
  3. It’s a successful joint project between two organizations in completely different countries with two perspectives on the same issue.
  4. The fact that it is written in two languages—French and English—and shows how this is an international movement.
  5. It’s about an understated yet extremely important problem in our world.
  6. It’s filled with tried-and-true methods of starting an organization from scratch.
  7. Other than attempting to engage people in our cause, this book also promotes youth activism and the very real notion that EVERY kid has power to affect change.
  8. It’s a good length—short enough for young readers but long enough to be a worthwhile read for adults.
  9. Pictures! And the layout of each page isn’t drab and boring. It’s interesting for the eye!
  10. This book is coming out at a very important time when the youth movement for social change is growing and it is needed more than ever.

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“Girls Gone Activist is a compilation of the voices of girls speaking for justice…inspiring young girls to realize their own power and capability to enact change.”
~ ACTION FOR GIRLS (Newsletter of NGO Committee on UNICEF Working Group on Girls and its International Network for Girls)